Vosker V100



Vosker V100

Product Description

Introducing the VOSKER V100-INTL, a 4G Cellular Camera, which can be used to monitor wildlife and construction sites. There is no need for the use of Wi-Fi thanks to the use of the 4G based mobile connectivity, which can be used to transmit photos to your phone, as well as receive mobile alerts.

This trail camera features a built-in video mode and the VOSKER SENSE, A.I. Image Recognition, which can be used via the Free VOSKER APP, which helps identify human or vehicle activity in the monitored area.

Whether it be day or night, the VOSKER V100-INTL can work anywhere with a low data usage and low power.

Ideal for construction site, farm, country house, vacation home, rental property, parking lot or marina. Monitor anything, anywhere! No need for Wi-Fi thanks to 4G based mobile connectivity to transmit photos to your phone and get mobile alerts. When set to VIDEO mode, the camera records video on the SD card only. Make sure to enable PHOTO FIRST option in the mobile app to allow the camera to send a photo to your phone for every video recorded.

Each VOSKER mobile camera includes a pre-activated SIM card, SD card and mounting bracket. Ready to use in minutes, enjoy 30 days of unlimited photos or choose our FREE starter plan (100 photos/month). Check out our affordable mobile security plans.

The user friendly mobile iOS and Android App lets you view day and night photos and setup your camera from anywhere and at anytime on your mobile device. Receive custom notifications to your phone whenever activity is detected.

VOSKER SENSE is a set of A.I tools built-in the VOSKER App that helps you get the photos you need by identifying human or vehicle activity in the monitored area. This cutting edge technology analyses and recognises your security camera photos.

The V100 weather-resistant security camera is the perfect solution for off-the-grid usage. Reliable power source options include rechargeable battery pack, 8 AA batteries or 12V external battery pack (optional).


Mountable Anywhere

VOSKER wire-free cameras boast a low data usage and low energy consumption for maximum autonomy. The fully weather-resistant and rugged design reveals built-in IR lights for night vision and a wide-angle motion sensor that is accurate and adjustable. This is the perfect security camera for any outdoor condition.

Vosker V100
Vosker V100

0.3 Second Trigger Speed

Designed for capturing images of wildlife and people, our Vosker security cameras boast a rapid 0.3 second trigger speed ensuring even the quickest of movements can be detected.

Security Boxes Available

Steel security boxes available for all of the Vosker cameras in the range. Our security boxes help keep your cameras safe from curious animals and opportunist thieves by securely protecting your unit in a lockable enclosure.

Vosker V100



  • Photo Resolution: Captures full HD 1920×1080 (600×338 Mobile App)
  • File Format: JPG
  • Time Lapse Mode: Customisable preset intervals
  • Multi Photo Mode: Up to 2 photos per detection
  • Information stamped on photos: Date, hour, time and temperature (℃/°F)
  • Operation Mode: Photo, video, time lapse or photo and time lapse
  • Capture Mode: Colour photos by day and Black & white by night (with IR) – white IR LED with smoke glass window (super low glow)
  • Night Vision (IR Setting): Blur Reduction, boost and optimal
  • Optical Field of View: 43.6°



  • Video Access: SD Card only
  • Video Resolution: 1080p, 10fps
  • Video File Format: AVI
  • Video Length: 10s, 30s, 60s and 90s
  • Photo First: Takes a picture before. Make sure to enable PHOTO FIRST option in the mobile app to allow the camera to send a photo to your phone every video recorded.
  • Capture Mode: Colour by day and black & white by night (with IR)
  • Audio Recording: N/A


  • Capacity: External Memory SD/SDHC card up to 32GB (8GB card included)


Battery/Power Source

  • Lithium or Standard Batteries: 8x AA (not included) or lithium battery pack V-LIT-B (not included) required to operate the camera.
  • 12v Power jack: 12v Battery (V-CASE-12V) or 12v adaptor (V-AT12V)


Detection System

  • Detection System: PIR
  • Detection Angle: 50°
  • Motion Sensor: 1 Sensor for a total of 5 detection zones
  • Detection Range: 100ft
  • Optional Delay Between Detections: Preset delays of 10s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 15 min and 30 min
  • Trigger Time: 0.3s
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to 40℃



  • DEL: 42 DEL (45°)
  • Type: White DEL super low glow
  • Flash Range: 90ft
  • Exposition: Automatic adjustment or IR light strength



  • Camera Body: 4.4″x3.3″x5.2″
  • Protection: IP65 Weather-resistant



  • SIM Card: Included
  • Mobile Connectivity: 4G
  • Reception: Mobile App or Web App
  • Required Carrier: No specific carrier
  • Synchronisation Frequency: 1/day, 2/day, 6/day, 12/day or each detection
  • GPS Localisation System: N/A
  • Camera Configuration: Web App or Mobile App
  • Trial Period: 30 days unlimited photos