Spypoint FORCE-PRO



Force Pro

Product Description

The FORCE-PRO Trail Camera brings a new level of quality to the Spypoint range.

This unit is fitted with a high-powered 30MP camera for HD photography as well as video capture at 4K resolution (3840x2160px) with audio, which alongside the FORCE-PRO’s sub-second trigger speed, long distance detection and high-powered LED’s means users will be able to get the best Spypoint experience to-date.

Supports SD cards up to 128GB (16GB card included).

Mountable Anywhere

Spypoint trail cameras feature versatile straps to facilitate robust mounting to trees, fencing and any similar fixed outdoor structure. Spypoint cameras feature a standard tripod mounting point for even further flexibility.

Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO

0.2 Second Trigger Speed

Designed for capturing images of wildlife, our Spypoint nature cameras boast a rapid 0.2 second trigger speed ensuring even the quickest of animals including birds can be photographed.

Security Boxes Available

Steel security boxes available for all of the Spypoint cameras in the range. Our security boxes help keep your cameras safe from curious animals and opportunist thieves by securely protecting your unit in a lockable enclosure.

Spypoint FORCE-PRO



  •  High resolution photographs
  • 4K resolution video (Audio capable)
  • Long distance performance
  • Colour photos by day & black & white by night
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Multiple modes
  • Photo stamp options
  • Can be powered by standard AA batteries or external 12V power source (not incl.)
  • Tripod mountable

Technical Specification


  • Definition: 30MP
  • LED’s: 54
  • Detection Range: 33.5m (110ft)
  • Flash Range: 27.4m (90ft)
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2s
  • Date, time, moon phase, and temperature stamp
  • Times lapse mode
  • Multi-Shot mode (up to 6 photos per detection)

Video Recording

  • Resolution: 4K (3840x2160px)(10 – 60 secs)
  • File Format: AVI


  • Sound Recording: Yes


  • Memory Card: Includes a 16GB SD Card (Supports up to 128GB)
  • Power: 8xAA batteries (not incl.)
  • 12V jack


  • Tripod Mount: ¼”-20