Guide TrackIR Pro 35



Guide TrackIR 35

Product Description

The TrackIR Pro Series of thermal imaging monocular features a 640×480 12µm <50mK NETD thermal sensor & image enhancement for detailed high performance imaging combined with a 50Hz refresh rate and a 1280×960 HD LCOS display resulting in a smooth & crisp viewing experience. The TrackIR PRO 35 has a native magnification of 2.0x, with a digital zoom of 8x, resulting in a 16.0x total magnification which alongside the units long distance detection (Humans: 1400m, Vehicles: 2800m) makes this unit perfect as a thermal spotter.

Features a built-in stadiametric rangefinder for measuring the distance of known objects as well as a mode which adds a zoomed-in display-box within the main viewfinder, this allows the user to hone-in on their subject whilst maintaining full awareness of the wider field of view.

The unit has an internal Li-Ion battery pack with an average operating time of 4.5 hours and can be recharged via USB Cable.

The TrackIR PRO Series can also connect to a smartphone via a dedicated App, this allows the unit to be operated remotely, share captured photos & videos as well as be live viewed.

Built-in Stadiametric Rangefinder

The TrackIR handheld thermal imaging range includes a built-in stadiametric rangefinder to measure observed objects with known heights. Real-time range information is displayed on both the monocular display and via the smartphone application.

Guide TrackIR Stadiametric Rangefinder


Technical Specification

Thermal Sensor: 640×480 12µm <50mK NETD

Spectral Range: 8µm-14µm

Detection Range: 1400m (Human: 1.8mx0.5m), 2800m (Vehicle: 2.3mx2.3m)

Magnification: 2.0x-16.0x

Digital Zoom: 1x-8x (Smooth)

Focus: 35mm/F1.0 (Manual)

Field of View: 12.5°x9.4°

Display: 1280×960 (0.4″) LCOS Colour

Dioptre: -4 to +2

Frame Rate: 50Hz

Colour Palettes: White hot, black hot, iron red, blue hot, red hot (red hot adjustable)

Scene Modes: Enhanced, Highlight, Natural

Power: Internal Li-Ion (2×18650 6000mAh)

Average Operating Time: 4.5h

Ports: Micro-USB-C, Video Out

Internal Memory: 16GB

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Protection: IP66

Drop Rating: 1m

Weight: 560g

Dimensions: 214x65x71mm

Additional Functions

Photo & Video Capture

Hotspot Tracking

Stadiametric Rangefinder

Wi-Fi/ App

Compensation Modes: Auto comp./ shutter comp./ scene comp.

Indicate Box: Red, yellow, green (coordinates of the indicator box are adjustable)

Image Enhancement

Brightness & contrast

Auto power-off

Auto sleep

Super power-save mode

Indicator off

Included Accessories

Thermal Imager

USB Cable

Micro HDMI Cable

Lens Cover

Wrist Strap

Lining Package

Quick Start Guide