Guide T120V



Guide T120V

Product Description

The T120V from Guide is an entry-level thermal imaging camera designed for portability and effective temperature measuring for building diagnostics, HVAC inspections, electrical systems checks and more.

Equipped with a 120×90 17µm 60mK NETD thermal sensor with 10,800 pixels of thermal data available to help quickly single out hot & cold spots within the cameras field of view. Also features a built-in visible 320×240 focus-free camera.

Has a rugged, ergonomic body designed with a large handle and over-sized trigger for easy holding & usage. Drop tested up to 2m and has a protection rating of IP54.

Ergonomic Design

The Guide handheld thermal camera range offers excellent usability thanks to ergonomic design. The buttons have been designed to be usable even when wearing gloves which is ideal for the changeable environments in which inspection tasks often occur. Our handheld thermal tools have been 2-meter drop tested and feature an IP54 rated enclosure.

Guide T120V


Technical Specification

Thermal Sensor: 120×90 17µm 60mK NETD

Focal Length: 2.28mm/F1.13

Frame Rate: 25/9Hz

Field of View: 50°x38°

Display: 320×240

Visible Camera Resolution: 320×240 (focus-free)

Flashlight: Yes

Measuring Range: -20℃ to 150℃ (Auto switching)

Storage: TF Card (Standard 16GB, Up to 32GB)

Ports: USB-C-and TF card slot

Laser: Yes

Tripod Interface: Yes

Power: Internal Li-Ion battery

Operation Time: >5 hours (with WiFi Off)

Charge Time: >2.5 Hours

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Rated: IP54

Drop Tested: 2m

Weight: 350g



Multiple colour pallets: White hot, iron red, hot iron, artic, rainbow 1, rainbow 2

Measurement Spot: Center spot

Measurement Area: 3 (Incl. max. & mix. temp.)

Auto Hot & Cold Spot Tracking: Yes

Full Screen Max. & Min. Temp. Alarm: Yes

Built-In 4GB memory (equal to 500 photos)

Built-In battery

Visible & thermal camera

Picture-in-Picture mode

Compatible Smartphone App

PC IR Analysis software available