Guide D384M



Guide D384M

Product Description

The D384M is a handheld thermal imaging camera designed to streamline inspection & diagnosis ‘ s within the industrial sector.

Utilises both visible & thermal technology to create an image that is both thermally accurate and has excellent edge definition and object recognition, making this product perfect as an inspection tool and for documenting & evidencing findings.

Features a 384×288 25µm 45mK NETD thermal sensor, 5MP 640×480 visible camera and a 4″ 480×800 LCD touchscreen display for direct on-screen interaction. Has multiple on-board diagnostic tools & functions to streamline and assist with tasks.

Ergonomic Design

The Guide handheld thermal camera range offers excellent usability thanks to ergonomic design. The buttons have been designed to be usable even when wearing gloves which is ideal for the changeable environments in which inspection tasks often occur. Our handheld thermal tools have been 2-meter drop tested and feature an IP54 rated enclosure.

Guide Thermal D Range


Technical Specification

Thermal Sensor: 384×288 25µm 45mK NETD

Visual Camera: 5MP 640×480 (Alternative, Focus-Free, 25°x19° field of view)

Frame Rate: 25Hz/9Hz

Focal Length: 19mm/F1.0

Field of View: 28.4°x21.5°

Min. Focus Distance: 0.5m

Focus: Manual

Lens Identification: Manual

Display: 4″ 480×800 (24 bits) LCD highlight touchscreen

Image Modes: IR image, visual image MIF

Colour Palettes: White Hot, fulgurite, iron red, hot iron, medical, rainbow 1, rainbow 2

Digital Zoom: 1.1x4x

Super-Resolution: Yes, 768×576

Level Span: Auto, semi-auto, manual

Panoramic Image Mosaic: Yes

Temp. Range: -20℃ to 150℃, 100℃ to 650℃, 650℃ to 1500℃ (high temp. lens is optional)

Accuracy: ±2℃ or ±2% of reading for ambient temp. 15℃ to 35℃ and object temp. above 0℃.

Measurement Area (IR): 5x Spot, 2x Line, 5x Area

Auto Max. & Min. Temp. Tracking (IR): 1. Full screen max. temp., min. temp., max. + min. temp., max. + min. + average temp. tracking. 2. Analyse object max. temp., min. temp., max. + min. temp., max. + min. + average temp., average temp. tracking

Alarm: Max. temp. alarm, min. temp. alarm

Image Storage: In camera and TF card, JPG with temp. info

Video Format without Temp. Info: H.264 with frame rate 25Hz (audio signal included)

Video Format with Temp. Info: .irgd with frame rate 25Hz (audio signal excluded)

Video Streaming: Yes (transfer to PC or smartphone via USB or Wi-Fi)

Data Communication Interface: MicroUSB 2.0, Micro HDMI, Power (12V), TF card (standard 16GB – Up to 32GB), Wi-Fi/Laser

Bluetooth: N/A

Battery: Rechargeable li-ion battery (7.2V)

Operation Time: 4-5 hours (Has auto shut-down and sleep mode)

Temp. Range: -10℃ to 50℃

Protection: IP54

Weight: 840g

Dimensions: 274x106x78mm


Thermal & visible camera

4″ highlight touchscreen

Different lenses available (optional)

Built-In illuminator & laser

Wi-Fi capable

Solid design

Central controls

Multiple colour modes

Android operating system

Built-in diagnostic tools

Ergonomic design

wide temperature range

Excellent protection rating

16GB memory card

Includes: Li-Ion battery, power supply adaptor, adaptor plug, wrist strap, USB cable, HDMI cable, quick-start guide, user manual, data download card, capacity screen gloves TF card (16GB), hard transport case