Guide C400



Guide C400

Product Description

The C400 is a dedicated, high performance thermal camera with a rotatable display and 90° angle lens. Features a 384×288 25µm 45mK NETD thermal sensor, 1280×720 LCD screen & 1280×960 LCOS viewfinder how high definition viewing and thermal imaging

Has Multi-Spectral Image Function (MIF) which combines both visible & thermal imagery resulting in a fusion that shows high quality thermal data, excellent edge definition, good object recognition and clarity. Users can also utilise a mode which adds a zoomed-in image within the main display, allowing the user to hone-in on a particular area whilst still capturing the wider field of view.

The C400 has many other onboard tools and functions available such as spot temperature, max. & min. temp., etc.

Multi-Angle Observation

The Guide c400 high specification thermal camera features a rotary design for multi-angle observation. The rotating LCD display can move through 270° with the lens able to move up to 70°, ensuring maximum versatility and easy viewing. The excellent ergonomic construction is designed to reduce fatigue from extended use.

Guide C400


Technical Specification

Thermal Sensor: 384×288 25µm 45mK NETD

Frame Rate: 25Hz/9Hz

Focal Length: 25mm/ F1.0

Field of View: 21.7° x 16.4°

Minimal Focus Difference: 0.4m

Focus: Motor-Drive/Auto

Display: 5″ 1280×720 LCD High Light Touch Screen

Viewfinder: 1280×960 LCOS Screen

Brightness Contrast: Auto, semi-auto, manual

Image Mode: IR image, visual image, MIF

Palette: 8

Digital Zoom: 1.1-4x continuous

Super-Resolution: 768×576

Level Span: Auto, semi-auto, manual

Panoramic Image Mosaic: Yes

Measurement Temp. Range: Filter 1: -20℃ to 150℃; Filter 2: 150℃ to 800℃; Optional: 2000℃

Accuracy: ±2℃~±2%

Spot Temp. (IR): 5x spots

Line Temp. (IR): 5x lines

Area Temp. (IR): 5x areas

Analysis Info Storage: Saved with image (spot, line, areas)

Auto Max. & Min. Temp. Tracking (IR): 1. Full screen max. temp., min. temp., max. + min. + average temp. tracking. 2. Analysis object max. temp., min. temp., max. + min. temp., max. + min. + average temp. tracking

Isotherm: Upward/Downward

Temp. Alarm: Visual & Voice

Image Format: jpg OR RAW Data

Memory Capacity: SD 16GB (Max. 32GB)

Report Creation: PDF format, Wi-Fi print

Video Format: H.264 (with temp. info)

Memory Storage: Manual

Dual-Path Recording: N/A

Ports: MicroUSB 2.0, SD Card, gigabit ethernet, tripod, mini HDMI

Power: Rechargeable li-ion battery

Operation Time: >4 hours (has sleep mode)

Operating Temp.: -15℃ to 50℃

Protection: IP54

Weight: 1.35kg

Dimensions: 206x145x135mm

Included Accessories: Li-Ion battery, power supply, adapter plug (5 pcs), shoulder strap, USB cable, HDMI cable, network cable, quick-start guide, user manual, data download card, SD card (16GB), hard transport case


Highly sensitive thermal sensor

Superior image quality & clarity

Rotatable design

Android based operating system

Updatable software

Powerful onboard analysis & reporting capabilities

Multiple image presentation including IR, visible and MIF

Wi-Fi capable for data transmission and remote control

Wide measurement range up to 2000℃

Large HD LCD display

HD LCOS viewfinder

Multiple colour modes

Continuous zoom

5MP Visible camera

Illuminator & laser

built-in mic. & speaker

Digital compass

On-Board Wi-Fi & Bluetooth (only C640 P)

Light Sensor


On-Board thermal tools

Optional lenses available (wide angle, telephoto, ultra telephoto, macro, high temp. lens)